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The Walk

It seems so vivid, although it has been too long, etched in the memory, like a distant favourite song That starry summer night, the holding of hands, That coy smile..that damned strand Luscious moonlight on your face And as we walked to your place… The hour-glass ran out of sand. It was time to let […]

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  So darling, In between all the uncertainty and improbability existing amidst the microcosm of the universe Let’s for once just be.. Perhaps incomplete; celestially insignificant; and nothing to show otherwise Yet, exquisitely at peace —to have found a space-time in the vast universal fabric —to exist together, albeit for a small moment, but which was […]



When Tom Hanks ran in the ‘Forrest Gump’, I felt it. He did not run from the sorrow, the pain nor from the overwhelming emotions as his life had hit a low. He ran because of it. I felt it because I could relate to it. I felt it because the thought of running the […]

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She of the flight 6E

An early morning flight and a window seat, The sun rising above the clouds, in the Far East… There’s seldom anything as embalming as the rising sun, The beauty of a dawn is second to none. Or so I thought… It was a regular flight of 6E, where I saw a breathtaking irregularity! As calm […]