Let’s be faceless,

I won’t ask how you look,

You don’t answer what you do.

We don’t need to go through the ice-breakers,

Lets cut through the talk about the weather, politics and work.

Let us be anonymous,

and not tell anything private,

But let’s be open,

and share what’s personal.

So I don’t want to know how much you earn,

But that, are you happy at what you do?

Or is it something you still yearn?

I don’t mind you not sharing your relationships,

But how do you feel when you remember them?

Is it a good memory or one full of hardship?

Don’t care if you say,

you don’t believe in things I love,

It is okay

to co-exist, living this way.

I am all ears if you want to share,

your past experiences, your future ambitions, your dreams,

I won’t judge, promise, who am I to anyway, let us be fair

Because that’s the beauty of being faceless,

You can be anyone from the lot.

When you are least accountable,

that’s when you speak from the heart.


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