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She is like the dark of the moon, Far, yet she raises and calms the oceans in you One look, and you know, love is not about hearts racing, skipping a beat, but it is rather the feeling that for the first time, there is someone who brings you peace; By merely being with you, […]



Let’s be faceless, I won’t ask how you look, You don’t answer what you do. We don’t need to go through the ice-breakers, Lets cut through the talk about the weather, politics and work. Let us be anonymous, and not tell anything private, But let’s be open, and share what’s personal. So I don’t want […]

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G.E.M is Back

Disclaimer: “The persons and events in this blog are 100% real. One might as well think that the man mentioned in the narration below is his/her own portrayal. Hence any similarity to your actual person or predicament is totally understandable and it is definitely much more than just coincidental”

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One More Day

One by one, We subconsciously memorized their names, And role-played them every evening, until each one of us saw their personalities entrenched onto ourselves- If you’d step out on a spin, you were doing a Ganguly, rocked a solid defence throughout the day, then you’d have pulled a Dravid Had you started with a boundary […]