Some people dread reliving memories,
that spring when the alcohol tends to loosen the seal.
the pain allays (or escalates) to show ’em how they feel
But they just don’t want to relive any of them over,
And so, they remain sober.

Proponents say its an escape,
that “You should loosen up a little sometimes,
let the ‘free-mind’ take-over”.
But you know your mind is seldom free,
that it’s best if the shield blocking that over-thinking brain isn’t pulled any lower,
And so, you remain sober.

I know that
should I open-up and let one in, to read the pages of my mind,
the Universe is ready to throw another gauntlet-
No, Thank you – I am fine!
That book is now closed, it’s better to rather show you the pamphlet?
Hence I restrain. I recuperate. I resolve.
I don’t let the ghosts of future past spillover
because I know,
that I too, have to remain sober

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