Lost in translation

A conscious introvert fell for a carefree soul;
While he gelled with all at parties on weekends,
she would stand isolated,
having only come for the sake of her friends.

They weren’t on the same page, not even on the same books,
But something happened when they exchanged the first looks.
A smile, an innocent exchange of glance,
were enough to sow the seed of romance.

It didn’t seem right, although it wasn’t all wrong
when the Poets began to sing
they found it was their favorite song.
With personalities – a world apart
they shared the same taste in music,
for music begets no conjunction for a start
It needs no language,
only frequencies intertwined at heart

But words still, were needed to put a context,
And establish what was theorized,
He, improficient at converting emotions to text.
While she,
just wished he’d read her eyes.

Mired by if, buts, and other fixations
The short-lived razbliuto
Got lost, in translation

{Razbliuto – (Russian) Describes the feeling a person has for someone he or she once loved}

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