“Such a heart-wrenching story, this
coming thus far, but only to miss.
It feels like an unfinished love story”,
said my emotions – Alas a lost glory!

“But is it really?” quipped the rationale at the end
for from where I can see, it looks nothing short of a legend.
At a time, on a night
when the party generation otherwise is pouring its last shot,
and the adults and children are fast asleep,
tonight it was only one thing that the billion people did,
count back down to zero, without even stopping to breathe.

And now after a new dawn, when the sun rises,
we will all look up and wonder,
about the wonder that happened at gloam,
and about the place, in a time, far from ours,
where there’s a Vikram who left home,
to reach the pole and places unpreceded-
And reached, it in fact did

In the hearts of countless inspired souls,
In the prayers of innumerable young and olds,
In the pride of a country throughout,
In the resolve of the scientists – heroes beyond doubt!

And with it, Vikram when it lost communication,
broadcasted an emotion equally strong-
“We are ISRO, we will continue to look ahead,
we will cherish this too, for we hardly ever get wrong
And hence the only thing left, to communicate to the moon-
Keep calm, for India and ISRO will see you soon!

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