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She of the flight 6E

An early morning flight and a window seat, The sun rising above the clouds, in the Far East… There’s seldom anything as embalming as the rising sun, The beauty of a dawn is second to none. Or so I thought… It was a regular flight of 6E, where I saw a breathtaking irregularity! As calm […]

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I recently re-watched the F.R.I.E.N.D.S’s episode where Rachael moves out from the apartment (Season 6 Episode 6- The One on the last night). There’s a scene when Rachel while finally leaving the apartment after reminiscing the bitter-sweet experiences of living with Monica, hugs and cries and then realizes how stupid it was as they were […]

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Lost in translation

A conscious introvert fell for a carefree soul; While he gelled with all at parties on weekends, she would stand isolated, having only come for the sake of her friends. They weren’t on the same page, not even on the same books, But something happened when they exchanged the first looks. A smile, an innocent […]

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G.E.M is Back

Disclaimer: “The persons and events in this blog are 100% real. One might as well think that the man mentioned in the narration below is his/her own portrayal. Hence any similarity to your actual person or predicament is totally understandable and it is definitely much more than just coincidental”