Tens of planets, Hundreds of solar systems, Thousands of galaxies, Millions of constellations. Billions of universes Trillions of multiverses Yet Give me that one instance Where we’d end up together And I’ll trade the entire space-time In order to be where I belong – with her Continue reading Her


I haven’t seen a God without its reciprocated Devil. the Yin always has a Yang, there’s no light without its dark matter. The choices one makes keep the balance tipping towards one or the other. I know in order to really love, you need to measure your demon with their God And if their God can control the demon in you then you both would … Continue reading Poison


Paradoxically enough, one thing I dearly aspire to learn from the ‘gamer me’ is how to deal with reality. Even if the stage is difficult, I admire how gamers firstly, accept it, and at the same time know that it is just a stage and there is surely a way to get through. The game’s not done yet and hence I cannot give up! Most … Continue reading Game