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I recently re-watched the F.R.I.E.N.D.S’s episode where Rachael moves out from the apartment (Season 6 Episode 6- The One on the last night). There’s a scene when Rachel while finally leaving the apartment after reminiscing the bitter-sweet experiences of living with Monica, hugs and cries and then realizes how stupid it was as they were […]



“How did you change so much?” One afternoon my mother asked. We were sitting in the living room of our house. I had come home for a festival. “You were such an irritable and petulant kid, only needing one innocuous thing to make you angry and cry for hours,” She said, laughing. It was true. […]

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Why do people say things they don’t mean? Why do you want me to believe something you are not? Why is it so important to make the world see you from one particular lens? Why do you care about what kind of vicarious ideals I wear, Why can’t we forget how many commonalities we share? […]

Aggression Musings Relationships


Sometimes you need to lose in order to win. What would become of it, you don’t know; and hence you need to spin the bottle of life and face the music – It will always end good for you, So don’t just yet lose it. Because darling, this is no Disney movie, Do not expect […]

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You’ve got a friend

I know it is tough, and that you’ve endured enough. I see you pick yourself up each day, only to find things not going your way. I can see how strong you’ve become, And I am proud to learn, how now you armour up and fight, A chiselled, incessant fighter in full might! And even […]

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Draped in gold, brave and bold, luscious fire, sweet desire. she entered the room, An October bloom. A black dress, a fleeting glance a resplendent smile- he had no chance! Heartbeat raced, knees weak stomach took a nosedive, the ember hope sprang back alive. Myths shattered, wasn’t a surprise her lips didn’t move the seraph […]

Motivation Musings


Like the soft-breeze of spring, like the happiness of being, like the sun and its sunshine, a full-moon, candle night, and wine. She is a storm without warning, she’s the calm of a magical morning. Like the blanket in wintery dawn, like misty crystals on a lush green lawn. Like a fire in a cold […]

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Lost in translation

A conscious introvert fell for a carefree soul; While he gelled with all at parties on weekends, she would stand isolated, having only come for the sake of her friends. They weren’t on the same page, not even on the same books, But something happened when they exchanged the first looks. A smile, an innocent […]

Aggression Motivation Musings


“Such a heart-wrenching story, this coming thus far, but only to miss. It feels like an unfinished love story”, said my emotions – Alas a lost glory! “But is it really?” quipped the rationale at the end for from where I can see, it looks nothing short of a legend. At a time, on a […]

Microfiction Motivation Musings


I try to not like/dislike someone for their achievements; Admire one’s success but without being addicted to its sound ensuring, that the admiration isn’t time-bound. Because times change, and thus will such admiration. I would rather want to know the nature of the catastrophe you endure and try to figure out if my own storms […]