Draped in gold, brave and bold, luscious fire, sweet desire. she entered the room, An October bloom. A black dress, a fleeting glance a resplendent smile- he had no chance! Heartbeat raced, knees weak stomach took a nosedive, the ember hope sprang back alive. Myths shattered, wasn’t a surprise her lips didn’t move the seraph spoke through her eyes. One look was all it took … Continue reading Hypnotise


In a world, where everyone has their versions of the truth, their own intransigent view of reality, I don’t know If I should tell you about me. I don’t know how you’d take it, For I know, that what I say won’t be what you hear So should I be honest with you? or rather should I just fake it? Everyone has a different version … Continue reading Masks


As I sat on the high rock, to finally enjoy, the fruits of hard labor put in climbing the treacherous hill and feel the pious breeze of the quaint, serene dawn while the world lay still. I couldn’t help but wonder – Us humans are so incomprehensively obtuse. We decimate forests to build facades of all shapes; lavish boxes around cemented wood; keeping windows under … Continue reading Pain


Paradoxically enough, one thing I dearly aspire to learn from the ‘gamer me’ is how to deal with reality. Even if the stage is difficult, I admire how gamers firstly, accept it, and at the same time know that it is just a stage and there is surely a way to get through. The game’s not done yet and hence I cannot give up! Most … Continue reading Game