When Tom Hanks ran in the ‘Forrest Gump’, I felt it.

He did not run from the sorrow, the pain

nor from the overwhelming emotions as his life had hit a low.

He ran because of it.

I felt it because I could relate to it.

I felt it because the thought of running the problems away also crosses my mind

I know life is cyclical; one needs to face the winters before spring arrives.

I just want the winters to end fast sometimes; hence I try,

In the same way, perhaps not physically, but mentally,

to run through it and keep running.

Keep running till the downsides stop chasing.

Keep running till that the dark starts fading,

keep running till there is light in the horizon,

(And there always is, light in the end)

And also hope to pick up a few friends along the way,

who would perhaps run with me,

some of them- for a bit,

others, for a little longer.

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